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Vicky 08/10/2019
I plan to continue to be a patient the rest of my life. I don't understand why people don't understand the importance of chiropractic care. 

William 07/27/2019
What is available there is beyond physical adjustment of the spine.

Patrick 07/25/2019
Your staff is cordial and professional. The adjustments are quick and effective, I have been multiple Chiropractors over the years and Dr Genther is the only one I will recommend now! 

Janice 07/25/2019
Best Chiropractor in town! 

Dana 07/18/2019
I am now a believer of Chiropractic. I feel so much better. Sleeping better and off most of my meds. 

Beverly 07/11/2019
Dr. Genther is very knowledgeable and caring. He can help you. If you haven't had any success with your sciatica, give Dr. Genther a try. You'll see results. 

Anonymous 07/03/2019
Dr. Genther's approach to chiropractic treatment is not the old technique of "cracking" vertebra, but a more up-to-date approach using equipment and a form of acupressure. All pain free techniques. I always feel better walking out of there. 

Naomi 06/17/2019
Because I have a structural problem with body (left side shorter and smaller than the right side) I am inclined to always be out of alignment. I get treatment every other week, and it has helped to keep my back functioning and me mobile to enjoy life. Dr. Genther was my Chiropractor before I left over 26 years ago. I was satisfied with him them, and I was glad to know he was still practicing in Wilmington when I retired and returned to live in the area. He is Great. 

Elizabeth 05/29/2019 
My experience has been an excellent one. The office staff is friendly, cheerful, and organized. Dr. Genther is very competent and helpful. I have learned things from him and his staff, who are patient and willing to answer my questions. I sing their praises to others whenever given the opportunity 

Denise 05/23/2019 
Dr. Genther has worked with me for several years. I went to see him because my neurosurgeon told me I needed back surgery and I wanted to determine if I really needed it. I never had the surgery and am back at the gym and pain-free. Dr. Genther and his staff really care about their patients and go out of their way to provide the right treatments within a safe, nurturing environment. 

Dylan 05/11/2019 
Felt great after my treatment! I was also able to get a feel for the weak points in my structure that is contributing to my pain, so that Im able to focus on strengthening these areas. Very relaxing, and the staff are good people. 

Linda 04/29/2019 
I always seem to learn something new along with excellent chiropractic care which addresses my specific needs. 

Brandy 03/29/2019
Dr. G is incredibly knowledgeable of the body and how it functions! I am having pains in my knee and ankle, and being a hairdresser it limits my work. Dr. G immediately found the source! New Hanover Chiropractic is a wonderful practice. I highly recommend their care to anyone wanting to correct misalignments and the source of their pain! 

Jazmine 02/09/2019 
Our daughter was a complicated case & we had been told we would be hard pressed to find anyone capable of helping her. We have been amazed at her improvements in just 2 months, watching her accomplish tasks she has not been able to do in 8 years! Even better, is seeing her laugh & enjoy life without the incredible pain she has always been in. The staff is incredibly helpful, very kind, and understanding. 

Pamela 02/08/2019 
I have been to several chiropractors in my life before I started coming to New Hanover chiropractic. This is by far the best staff and chiropractor I've ever been to. The staff is very accommodating and caring and always willing to work with you on scheduling issues...etc. Dr. Genther is the best... I can honestly say that I rarely have a headache and if I do, it's self imposed and mild. My main reason for seeing a chiropractor was for excruciating headaches stemming from my neck. I also believe that his adjustments keep my immune system working optimally as I've rarely been sick the almost 20 years I've been coming here.


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